Customer Service

Customer Service is: Assistance & advice provided by a company to people who buy or use its products or services The art of ensuring the best service to customers while they are engaged in services Act of taking care of customer needs by providing and […]

Handling Customer Complaints

Listen with empathy (Try to understand what the customer is feeling) – Give an apology…Start with “I am so sorry.” Allow the customer to vent – Don’t take it personally Be supportive – Express your concern or support for the customer Do not blame someone […]

Eleven Critical Moments

First phone call to a business First view of the building entrance Interaction with the greeter Wait for a table or room First moments at the table or in the hotel room First encounter with servers or bussers Encounter with the manager Arrival of good […]

Types of Service

Consistent Quality Service – providing the same good service to customers each and every time they come to visit your business. Cleanliness of facilities and grounds Employees who respond quickly Employees who anticipate customers needs