Course Objective

  • Participants Will grasp the sequence of events and the phases one needs to pass through to move from idea generation to establishment of small business;
  • They will be able to develop SWOT/PEST analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses analysis and also identify barriers to success;
  • They will understand sales and marketing and how to deal with the competition;
  • They will learn the principles of entrepreneurship, leadership and organization;
  • And Would have gained a firm appreciation of Accounting and Legal issues relating to small and medium business enterprises.

Critical thinking and creativity are essential for a successful small business. In this certificate program, Participants  learn key elements of financial management, planning and strategy for entrepreneurs, and then gain insight into how to evaluate new opportunities and create a culture of innovation.

This Entrepreneurship and enterprise development course will introduce participants to key elements for developing a successful small business enterprise. The course also explores the management structure for owner‐managed enterprises the essential elements of idea and concept generation, and key concepts of management.

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and enterprise development
  • Identifying and exploring new concepts and ideas
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking / Innovation
  • Research and analysis
  • How to design an effective business models
  • Entrepreneurial/Conventional Marketing
  • Leadership principles
  • Corporate governance
  • Raising of Funds and managing Working Capital and other assets
  • Developing a growth strategy
  • Managing risks